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Rev-Trac and Your SAP Infrastructure:
How Change Control Fits Into an SAP Solution-based Environment

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Rev-Trac: Automated SAP Change Control Technology for Even the Most Diverse of SAP Environments

Playing a major role in many SAP Customer Centres of Expertise, especially in managing large volumes of change involving growing numbers of SAP transports across increasingly complex SAP environments, Rev-Trac provides:

  • A powerful, easy to use technology that provides full control and full visibility over SAP landscapes – easily configured to take into account landscape system additions and reductions

  • An out-of-the-box software ready for you to design, implement and enforce your own change control processes from day one

  • Easy to use 5 system and N and N+1 complex system landscape transport management and automated retrofit features to significantly reduce manual effort and decrease collision risks

  • Fully automated transport sequencing, advanced conflict management and object/configuration overtake and overwrite protection (OOPS) for total system safety and quality assurance

  • Automated deployment of ABAP, Java and other non-ABAP changes with or without CTS+, for easy cross application transport unification and complete change and transport quality

  • Fully automated approval workflow, electronic signature collection, process enforcement and transport migration for lowest cost per change

Rev-Trac is an SAP Certified Add-on and is licensed by SAP Landscape and by SAP System (SID) with license price built up accordingly. For an accurate price proposal, please contact us via your nearest RSC Sales Office.

"Everything is visible and easier to manage with Rev-Trac. We’ve sharpened our governance. Our audits are clean and Rev-Trac’s process assurance results in fewer business disruptions and lower change implementation costs."

Mike Constancon
Business Systems Manager