International Gaming Technology (IGT) Case Study

Salt Applications in Action at IGT Las Vegas

Terry Barker, Senior SAP Developer at IGT, the global leaders in gaming, shares how his use of Salt SAP change intelligence software has saved his company time and money in multiple areas.

"My team and I swear by Code Ferret, Salt’s code search application, and use it several times a day. It’s simply the best and quickest code search tool I have ever found for ABAP and SAP systems."

  • Decreased time to compare object versions by 95.5%, a total savings of $15,472.50 plus the value of the 200 hours of new development that can now be pursued
  • In seconds, searches objects on a criteria such as "objects by a certain author” or a specific development set
  • Instantly sees all transports in flight and not in Production
  • Easily creates a monthly report to “police” the synchronization of IGT’s Development, QA, and Production environments
Using Salt SAP change intelligence software can help your IT team understand the current state of change across your SAP landscape and save you time and money – just like IGT.
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Terence Barker

Senior SAP Developer
International Gaming Technology (IGT)


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Revelation Software Concept

Rick Porter

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