Multi Lane Approach to Continuous Delivery

SAP Change and Release Management:
A Multi Lane Approach to Continuous Delivery

When SAP change release strategies fail to meet business-side expectations, organizations can lose confidence in the “large project” approach. This whitepaper discusses the considerations required when facilitating a move towards a more agile, flexible ‘continuous delivery’ strategy by using a multi-lane approach to managing SAP changes.

Download this best practice whitepaper to learn:

  • The common large-project problems and the barriers to multi-lane delivery
  • The key to a successful multi-lane delivery strategy
  • The necessity for ‘rules of the road’ and how to enforce these processes and governance using Rev-Trac as an ‘enforcement’ agent

With a successful release management strategy, you can deliver stable working software as rapidly as possible. More frequent releases can have the flexibility to serve the ever-changing business needs in today’s markets.

This whitepaper will also address how Rev-Trac SAP change control automation software can ease the burden of managing releases in an SAP change control environment. With flexible application of enforceable, documented processes, your business will quickly gain – or regain – full confidence in your change deliveries.

OCT 2015
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Rick Porter

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Rick Porter

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