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Continuous Delivery and Workflow Orchestration Strategies for SAP IT Operations Teams

Join Bola Rotibi (Creative Intellect Consulting) and Rick Porter (Revelation Software Concepts) for a free webinar on September 4th.

This webinar is focused on flexible automated change release management strategies specific to SAP IT Operations Teams. Bola will leverage recent research results on what factors contribute – positively and negatively – to supporting an environment for Continuous Delivery, and the importance of automation and enforcement in reducing risk to production stability.

Title: Continuous Delivery and Workflow Orchestration Strategies for SAP IT Operations Teams
Date: Wednesday 4th September, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET (Paris, France)
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Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • Trends in change delivery models including release management and agility development models
  • The role of process enforcement as a delivery element
  • Unlocking the value of process and workflow orchestration
  • The recognition of automation as a critical delivery support technology

This webinar provides a detailed view of how important flexibility and agile practices are to SAP release management and in running SAP like a factory.

It would be particularly valuable to senior SAP IT Managers and Operations Teams because we will delve into development processes, process governance, agile organization and workflow orchestration.

All registrants will have access to the slides and webinar recording post event.

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Bola Rotibi
Research Director
Creative Intellect Consulting

Rick Porter
Vice President of Business Development
Revelation Software Concepts